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Образна диагностика в условията на COVID-19 пандемия

date : 22.05.2020

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Normal Imaging Anatomy: Neuroradiology

date : 26.02.2019

date: 22.03.2019

place: Sofia, SOHO Coworking Space, 4 Iskar Str


On the 22nd of March in Sofia, SOHO Coworking Space, will take place the first for this year (and tenth consecutive) meeting of Radiology Together.

After careful consideration, the organizers decided to tackle a topic that we think is not covered sufficiently in our training, and we believe will be useful for the everyday practice of all of us - "Normal Imaging Anatomy: Neuroradiology".

You will hear lectures on basic, but important themes such as Intracranial Arterial Vessels, Basal Ganglia, Ventricular System and Basal Cisterns, Venous Vessels and Dural Sinuses and others, as well as lectures focused on often underestimated areas such as the sellar region and the orbit. Of course, once again we have prepared two special lectures from guest lecturers with extensive experience in the imaging diagnostics of the nervous system. Doctor Emil Vachev from “Tokuda” Hospital will talk on the normal imaging anatomy of the spine and doctor Marin Penkov from University Hospital “Saint Ivan Rilski” will have a lecture about the normal myelination of the brain.

Come and let‘s share our knowledge and experience, let‘s learn, work and have fun together!

-----“Anatomy is the great ocean of intelligence upon which the true physician must sail.”

- John E. Link, 1893


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