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Review of Radiology Together Meetings in 2017

date : 02.01.2018

For second consecutive year, the association of the radiology residents in Bulgaria – Radiology Together (RT) organized three meetings that took place in the city of Sofia. Specialists and residents in the field of radiology and other specialties, not only from Bulgaria but also from...

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"Quality is not an act. It is a habit."


Bulgarian Society of Cardiothoracic Radiology is registered branch of Bulgarian Association of Radiology, endorsed by European Society of Cardiac Radiology. The Society is founded in August 2010 as a non-profitable organization, runing by the Executive Board in accordance with the Statue approved by the General Assembly.

The mission of the Society is:

- to promote exellence in clinical diagnosis, research, technical developments and education in the field of cardiothoracic imaging

- to establish a remote medical platform which will keep radiologist informed of rapid developments in cardiothoracic imaging and diagnostics

- to improve and harmonize the standards of imaging diagnostic in the field of thoracic and cardiac radiology in every day practice

- to provide recommendations and guidelines for appropriate practice in thoracic and heart imaging

- to provide postgraduate radiology education in the field of thoracic and cardiac radiology

- to organize the sertification exams in the field of cardiothoracic radiology on a national level

- to organize accrediation programme for selected laboratories

The organization is targeted on radiologists, radiographers, nuclear medical specilaists, physicists and clinicians interested in cardiothoracic imaging and treatment. It goal is to establish good collaboration practices between radiologists and clinicians and to build skills to work in multidisciplinary teams.


Board :

Assoc.Prof. Galina Kirova, MD, PhD

President: Assoc.Prof. Galina Kirova, MD, PhD

Head of Imaging Diagnostic Department

Tokuda Hospital Sofia

51B «Vapzarov» blvd

1407 Sofia

e-mail : g.kirova@bsctr.bg

The Executive Board is composed of voting members who are elected by the General Assembly conducts the BSCTR for a mandate of four years.

Councilors :

Assoc.Prof. Ellisaveta Valcheva, MD, PhD

Assoc.Prof. Ellisaveta Valcheva, MD, PhD

Head of Dept. of Radiology, National Cardiovascular Hospital,

Sofia, 1309 Sofia, Bulgaria ,65, Koniovitza Str.

e-mail : e.valcheva@bsctr.bg

Dr. Vessela Stoinova, MD,PhD

Dr. Vessela Stoinova, MD,PhD

Head of Division of Computed Tomography

University Hospital "St.Ekaterina"

52B Pencho Slaveikov blvd

1600 Sofia

e-mail : v.stoinova@bsctr.bg

Dr. Diliana Baleva, MD

Dr. Diliana Baleva, MD

Imaging Diagnostic Centre

University Hospital “St Marina”

1 Hristo Smirnenski blvd

9000 Varna

e-mail : d.baleva@bsctr.bg

Dr. Marin Penkov, MD

Dr. Marin Penkov, MD

Department of Radiology

UH “St. Ivan Rilski”

15 “Akad. Ivan Geshov” blvd

e-mail : m.penkov@bsctr.bg

Cvetelina Zasheva

Technical assistant: Cvetelina Zasheva

Imaging Diagnostic Department

Tokuda Hospital Sofia

51B Vaptzarov blvd

1407 Sofia

e-mail : c.zasheva@bsctr.bg

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