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date : 22.05.2020

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8th meeting of the radiology residents

date : 21.03.2018

Theme: Pelvis

Date: 14.04.2018г.

Place: COSMOS Coworking Camp, Angel Kanchev str. 3


The first meeting of Radiology Together for 2018 will take place on the 14th of April in COSMOS Coworking Camp. The theme will be “Pelvis” and the residents have prepared lectures on the subjects of the female pelvis and the prostate gland as well as many interesting cases from their practice.

In this meeting there will also be two guest lectures – experienced captains that will help navigate the journey of the residents into the see of the pelvis. Dr. Radoslav Petkov will be helming the prostate gland session with a lecture on “PIRADS”, while Dr. Marin Penkov will be presenting on “Fetal MRI” – a developing technique for the developing patient.

As always, we will be sharing our experiences, our problems and our ideas and last but not least – we will be having fun.


Let’s work together!

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