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8th meeting of the radiology residents

date : 21.03.2018

Theme: Pelvis

Date: 14.04.2018г.

Place: COSMOS Coworking Camp, Angel Kanchev str. 3

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"Quality is not an act. It is a habit."


„MRI Handbook - MR Physics, Patient Positioning, MR Protocols”

Muhamed Elmaoglu and Azim Celik

Dear Colleagues,

I have the pleasure to present you the recently published book „MRI Handbook - MR Physics, Patient Positioning, MR Protocols” written by Muhamed Elmaoglu and Azim Celik and published by Springer Publishing.

The book is based on extensive experience and expertise of both authors, gained during their teaching on Diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging, creation of protocols and conducting clinical applications in many countries.


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Thoracic surgery guidelines

prof. Danail Petrov

Thoracic Surgery Guidelines, a recently issued book under the edition of prof. Danail Petrov is a result of an authors’ team, specialized in different fields of medicine. The book is part of an ambitious project, including twenty-four volumes, covering all surgical specialties and the related anesthesiology and intensive care treatment. The present volume covers the anatomy and pathology of the thorax in the light of surgical access and the abilities of surgical treatment. Broad group...

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Clinical Cardiac CT Anatomy and Function

Ethan J.Halpern, Second Edition, Thieme 2011

It is my pleasure to introduce you the second edition of Clinical Cardiac CT Anatomy and Function, edited by prof. Ethan J. Halpern. Together with his colleagues prof. D.Levin, J.Gomberg, D.Fishman, A.Giltner, A.Owen and D.Zwasот from Thomas Jefferson University, he presents his view about the heart anatomy and physiology. The book is part of the great numbers of educational materials, issued by Thieme, well strucutred and illustrated with a lot of illustrations, as well as with а...

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